5 Tips To Save Money As A Student

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1. Resist the temptation

2. Understand your bills and create a budget

  • The bills you are going to be paying and when the money will be leaving.
  • The money coming in and when this will arrive into your account.
  • What will be left at the end of the week/month

Calculating your bills

What’s coming in?

What do you have left?

3. Find part-time work

4. Make smart money choices

  • Food — We all need to eat. Therefore, learn to cook. As a student, it’s all too easy to eat takeaways, supermarket meal deals, or super noodles, but these easily cost a fortune and are generally not very healthy! Therefore, learn to cook in bulk — make a big pot of chilli, curry, etc., and you’ll be eating like a royalty all week without bursting the bank.
  • Transport — Universities are generally in cities that will have good public transport systems. Buy a second hand bike and cycle around, or take the bus. I would recommend getting the 16–25 railcard for a third off train fares.
  • Mobile Phone — You don’t need the latest iPhone deal costing £35+ a month. Buy a cheap phone and then compare sim-only deals. You could easily cut your phone costs down to £10 a month.
  • Medicines — Being a student, you may be entitled to free prescriptions. Check out more information here.
  • Interest-free overdrafts — If you do need to borrow money, then take advantage of student current accounts that have interest-free overdraft limits. These could potentially save you more during your degree. The catch here is that student overdrafts typically only last one year after finishing university… then you’ll be charged interest like the rest of us!

5. Use student discounts carefully

  • 25% off university textbooks through Oxford University Press. This will only work for textbooks.
  • Free Microsoft Office for Students. You will get the entire Office software suite — including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote. You just need to enter your academic email on the Office website.
  • Grab 10% off your food at Co-op through the TOTUM offer.
  • Through UNiDAYS, you can grab 50% off an Apple Music subscription. However, my tip would be that if you’re sharing in a house, then grab either a family subscription and share it between you all!





Hi, I’m Daniel. I am the founder of PocketPound — a website designed to help you organise your finances, as well as, stay safe online.

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Daniel Nelson

Daniel Nelson

Hi, I’m Daniel. I am the founder of PocketPound — a website designed to help you organise your finances, as well as, stay safe online.

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